Qwentyn Hunter

Qwentyn J’dyn Hunter, one of the Qwentyn @ chuck e chessemany angels God blessed to the Hunter family, was born June 3, 2007 and was christened in 2008. Our ray of sunshine, Qwentyn, was never a clingy or fussy baby. Even as a toddler, Qwentyn had a very strong-IMG_4748minded personality and already had his many favorite things like: his favorite color was green, his love for video games, and his love for foods like chicken nuggets, hotdogs, barbeque baked beans, pizza, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Qwentyn was very intelligent, he read on a 4th grade level and scored above average on many of his tests even though he did not like school. He also had an awesome imagination. He could tell you a detailed story and try to convince you that it was real. Qwentyn enjoyed playing multiple positions on the Central Florida Youth Football League with his brother Jermaine. His special jersey number was 28 after Chris Johnson, the running back whom he admired from his favorite NFL team the Tennessee Titans.
Qwentyn loved to laugh and was quite the jokester. He also was very protective, kindhearted, generous, and bubbly towards everyone; ever since he was barely able to walk, Qwentyn held a special place in his heart for babies. He was blessed with many gifts like being photogenic, having a smile that lit up the room, and his great ability to move those ears. He was a little bit of a “ladies man” to those of all ages; they loved him and always commented on how cute he was.
Qwentyn was loved by all and impacted the lives of many in his short 6 years on Earth. We are so grateful for the time that we had to love him and blessed with the opportunity to share his legacy with you.